Benjamin Legarth

Areas of expertise

User experience design

User research and UX are my great interests. I love design usable and easy-to-learn tools

Data mining and user research

Using qualitative as well as quantitative methods to understand people and design better

Project Management

with my PM experience, I iike to work on value-adding projects of any size.


Master of Arts in Communication and IT
  • A Technical understanding

    Developing, testing and implementing IT

  • User-centered design thinking

    A thorough understanding ogf how people perceive and use computers

  • Analytic thinking & UX understanding

    Using the newest digital tools to uncover and improve user experiences

  • Some buzz words:

    Scrum, interaction design, project management, agile, big data


Student delivery Assistant
Project Management Office, portfolio management, design and development of PM tools
Communication and IT design, User research and implementation of internal IT system
It assistant
Front end development, IT support, incident responsible
Social Media Manager, Media Producer, User researcher


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